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Clothing Buying Guide

What do we consider to be Summer Season?

  • Short Sleeve T-shirts, Tank Tops, Shorts, One-Piece Shortalls/Rompers, Light Dresses and Skirts, Swimwear (Swimsuits, swim trunks, and rash guards), Lightweight Jackets or Cardigans, Lightweight Rain Jackets,
  • Athletic Wear (Shorts, lightweight sweatpants, short sleeve shirts), Pajamas (Short Sleeve sets), Sandals, Flip Flops, light weight sneakers, water shoes, Sun Hats and Caps
  • What do we consider to be Fall/Winter Season?
  • Long-sleeve shirts, Turtlenecks, Hoodies, Fleece jackets, Sweaters, Long sleeve Dresses, Heavy skirts, Warm Overalls, Warm Outfits, Heavy winter coats, Puffer jackets, Raincoats, Thermal tops and bottoms, Jeans, Corduroy pants, Leggings, Snow Pants, Snow Suits, Beanies, Mittens/gloves, Winter hats, Boots (including snow boots), Layering shirts, Flannel shirts, Sweatpants, Base layers, Vests, Rain boots, Warm pajamas, Footed pajamas